BARTEC / LINXION parallel thread

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To assemble reinforcements in reinforced concrete constructions, the covering system can be used: two reinforcing bars are superimposed over a length of 50 or 75 diameters, then embedded in the concrete in order to secure them. Depending on the situation, this solution may pose safety issues: in fact, in the event of a concrete fracture (in the case of an accidental overload or an earthquake, for example), the two reinforcements are separated, immediately destabilizing the structure with risks of ruin of the work.

Therefore, in order to make the assembly of the reinforcements as secure as possible (while saving steel), reinforcing link solutions have been created. The most common of these are BARTEC rebar links patented in 1988 by the eponymous company, then "Pi Range" rebar links patented in 2013 under the LINXION brand. They allow the load to be transferred from one bar to another, without depending on the adhesion or integrity of the concrete. The coupler connects the two bars, ensuring optimal structural continuity in its performance and reliability.


BARTEC Company has been specializing for more than 30 years in parallel threading with upset, a know-how from which its new LINXION subsidiaries have benefited. This technique offers:

  • Flexibility of use, allowing optimal productivity to be achieved
  • Guaranteed safety, thanks to 100% Bar Break
  • Simple and safe control for repeatable quality on site



The BARTEC / LINXION parallel thread: a coupler for all types of connections

BARTEC & LINXION offer complete ranges of connections to meet all issues (standard, fatigue, stainless steel, etc.). The fact of using a parallel thread allows one and the same coupler to correspond to several possible combinations! One and the same coupler can be used regardless of the desired linkage: standard, position, adjustable spacing or lock nut, unlike taper thread or crimped couplers, where a special coupler will have to be used if the second bar cannot not be turned.

BARTEC Company's equipment has been designed to achieve maximum daily productivity. All bars are prepared in the chain, in sequence: the speed of the cutting, cold upsetting and then threading processes guarantees excellent productivity.


BARTEC rebar connection solutions: Quality & safety

All our couplers are made using CNC machines from quality cold drawn steel and according to a European Quality Management System (QMS). We follow strict and standardized control procedures (1 coupler tested every 1000 made).

Our links reduce bar concentration, improve structural integrity during all phases of construction, and provide better resistance against fatigue and earthquakes. Their installation is simple, quick and safe and facilitates visual inspection, made possible by the parallel thread.


In short: a simple, fast and secure solution!

For more than 30 years, BARTEC Company and the new LINXION subsidiaries have been convinced by parallel threading with cold discharge.

Flexibility, productivity, safety and quality: BARTEC & LINXION rebar connection solutions ensure:

  • BAR BREAK performance, whatever the application or project,
  • optimal security
  • and ease of installation and control on construction sites

Whether in terms of fatigue, sliding, traction, earthquake ... BARTEC & LINXION rebar link solutions meet all issues and all international standards.

This is what makes parallel threading the most widely used system in the world!



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