Deviator Pipes

With over 30 years of history, Bartec company is your key partner in the design and engineering of different metal tubes :

- Deviator Tubes for post-tensioning by unbonded, external to concrete, prestressing.

- Metal Tubes for inner guidance for bonded or unbonded post-tensioning.

Bartec company has been certified ISO 9001 for more than 10 years. It ensures you a technical expertise according to your dimensional constraints.


Our design office will support you throughout the design and manufacture of your tubes according to your requirements, in line with the continous quality process.

Our whole production is rigorously controlled in order to ensure top quality in geometry and installation.

All our metal tubes are individually mechanically engraved for better traceability.


We realize and control the tubes hotdip galvanization for external posttensionning applications.

Thanks to our stock of our most popular tubes, we can ensure a rapid response for your construction needs.