Quality & Certifications

Our “Technology transfer” process enables to extend our quality commitment by providing, through our training offer, the knowledge and know-how developed by the creators of the BARTEC Company process.

Our rebar splices are certified in the entire world by the following certifying agencies:

Our couplers are all manufactured with CNC machines from cold drawn steel and following a European Quality Management System (QMS). We follow strict and standardized control procedures.

Also, thanks to our Certified Quality System, BARTEC/LINXION solutions guarantee a rebar splicing assembly more resistant than the rebar itself (BAR-BREAK), meaning that whatever is the standard, after a tensile test, the failure will consistently happen outside the splicing region.

Easy visual checks!

Our rebar splices can be used to reduce the steel bar congestion, to improve the structural integrity to the construction in all its phases, precast applications, etc. and offer top resistance against earthquakes and fatigue. Their installation is simple, fast and secure, and allows a practical visual inspection.


Did you know ?

Since January 2020, BARTEC Group rebar splices solutions have become a reference gauge for Compalab, the French Interlaboratory Comparison (ILC) Center

Thanks to our really good test results and to our many certifications, we have become a Quality reference when comparing other laboratory results. Coupler samples, as identical as possible, are sent to the ILC Institute to be tested by each participating laboratory. Their results will validate or invalidate the accuracy of their data.