Splicing Types

Thanks to their conception, the parallel mechanical splices with BARTEC Company / LINXION couplers provide a much higher resistance compared to overlap junctions. Moreover, strength and ductility are independent from the concrete’s quality. The rebar splices reduce the rebar’s concentration and improve the concrete’s consolidation, while enabling strong resistance to alternating forces, fatigue and earthquakes.


Their installation is simple, fast and safe, offering an easy resumption of concrete work.


Thus, BARTEC Company/LINXION rebar splices offer systematically better resistance than a continuous bar, providing optimal reliability to your structures: BAR-BREAK guarantee.

Type de liaisons


Standard splicing system

Standard splicing system

Connection with Adjustable Spacing

When the second bar is not at the correct level and cannot rotate.

Lock-Nuts splice

When the second bar cannot rotate at all.

Position splic

Position splice