PLIMSOLL study awards "STRONG" rating to Bartec Company




BARTEC COMPANY was awarded a rating of "STRONG" in a new analysis of the 159 largest companies in the French concrete reinforcement market. This is the highest honor Plimsoll bestows on companies.

Plimsoll is the leading publisher of industry studies and company reviews. More than 30,000 consultants, managers and directors trust PLIMSOLL for their sector studies in order to assess their market and their competition.

The Plimsoll study provides a standardized model that instantly shows the reader, financially trained or not, the overall well-being of any business. Based on extensive research aimed at identifying the most responsive financial ratios, the Plimsoll model instantly reveals the key elements of the commercial health of any business.

The Plimsoll Concrete Reinforcement Study (June 2020) individually assesses the 159 largest companies using the Plimsoll model. This proven, easy-to-read template highlights the latest performance of each business and separates struggling from successful ones.


The report instantly shows the strengths and weaknesses companies may have and the trend of the past 4 years. As a result of this analysis, a rating is assigned "STRONG, GOOD, MEDIUM, CONCERN or DANGER." These ratings reveal what is behind the performance of companies in the market.

Thanks to its connected machines and the use of videoconferences, BARTEC Company has succeeded in assisting its customers, even during this difficult period, in order to act remotely on working sites, to carry out analyzes and even remote start-ups. All these measures together with the good cohesion and goodwill of its employees, without which nothing would have been possible, have reduced the economic impact on the turnover of BARTEC Company.

This STRONG rating proves that Bartec Company has been able to anticipate, thanks to the research and development of new means to optimize production even more, to train always better and more efficiently, and thus allowing us to face this health crisis.


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