Rebar splicing systems, a nuclear challenge

Fundraising for BARTEC Group

In September 2019, two new shareholders, INNOVAFOND represented by Olivier RICHARD, and BPI France represented by Vincent GROEBER, chose to invest in the Bartec group. Through them, we have raised 2.5M€ to help us achieve our international projection purpose.


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From left to right: Vincent GROEBER (BPI France Regional Director), Philippe HUET (BARTEC Group President ), Catherine SAMBIN  (BARTEC Group Associate director),  Olivier RICHARD (INNOVA'FONDS Regional Director)

By 2050, more than 200 nuclear powerplants should be built in China, using the very high standards imposed after the Fukushima incident.

Thanks to our patent, registered in the whole world and notably in China, LINXION’s new range PI+ is a solution to nuclear market’s requirements.

  • - The Pi+ range is the only splicing system on the market that answers to each requirement from 2017 new nuclear standards.
  • - It solves the known economical and technical issues of position couplers and guarantees safety in all applications: Beams, columns, Walls and slabs, every reinforced concrete structure.
  • - It reduces significantly production costs while improving the slicing system fabrication performance on construction site.

Pi + presents advantages, at the same time:

  • - Technical: Meets 0.1mm slip requirement, earthquake resistance, resistance to aircraft impact, full range of couplers…
  • - Productive: Connected machines, constant quality, easy maintenance and utilisation...
  • - Economical: It is a perfect range for China’s forthcoming plans.

Meanwhile our ambitious establishment in Asia and reinforced by our presence in nearly twenty countries already, BARTEC Group continues its expansion by looking closely at high potential areas with important technical constraints. 


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