Quality & Certifications

BARTEC Company’s first and foremost requirement is client satisfaction. As a consequence, BARTEC Company compels itself to guarantee products to the highest quality, by setting requirements and control constraints which will respond to any national and international standards. Quality is promoted day after day to ensure clients with the best compliance and traceability possible.

Since 1988, BARTEC Company has guaranteed the "BAR-BREAK" standard for all its splicing systems.


For clients keen to be equipped with our BARTEC Company/LINXION machinery, our “Technology transfer” process enables to extend our quality commitment by providing, through our training offer, the knowledge and know-how developed by the creators of the BARTEC Company process.
BARTEC Company places the final user, as well as the client, at the center of its research for quality.

Because of the respect of this process, our ranges meet every standard :

Tensile and Slip

Fatigue, violent seismic

Low temperature

Shock and explosion

Our rebar splices are certified in the entire world by the following certifying agencies:




Since January 2020, BARTEC Group rebar splices solutions have become a reference gauge for Compalab, the French Interlaboratory Comparison (ILC) Center

Thanks to our really good test results and to our many certifications, we have become a Quality reference when comparing other laboratory results. Coupler samples, as identical as possible, are sent to the ILC Institute to be tested by each participating laboratory. Their results will validate or invalidate the accuracy of their data.

Know more on Compalab : www.compalab.org