Range of Machines

All our machines are designed in France and produced in Europe targeting an optimal quality level. They are assembled with high quality and major brands components and are in compliance with safety and hygiene rules in force in Europe and all over the world.
BARTEC Company engineers oversee the production of our machines, which guarantee a higher production capacity whatever the type of steel and the diameter. Moreover, we constantly innovate and modernize our range of machines, to offer a user-friendly production process.
We provide a large range of services to maintain the machines at their best performance and our engineers will accompany you in any specific demand.

An optimized process
Our machines provide an optimized process and BAR BREAK, in three steps:

1 - Cutting process: A clean cut, perfectly perpendicular to the axis and without tabs.

2 - Cold forging process: Thanks to the synchronised action of two vices, the end section of the bar will be increased for a better resistance.

3 - Threading process: The cold forged part of the bar is being threaded, thanks to a threading head, optimized through an efficient exploitation, with among others, a touch screen control.




Machinisme, Scie à ruban

Band Saw

The automatic band saw is designed to cut rebar to the exact length and to provide a clean cut, perfectly perpendicular to the axis and without tabs, for a perfect cold forging operation. It is equipped with hydraulic chucking for the bar, automatic lowering and lifting system of the cutting band and automatic cooling spray.

Cold Forging Machine

The cold forging machine is an optimized automatic machine dedicated to the cold forging of LINXION/BARTEC Company rebar splicing systems. This machine is able to enlarge the rebar ends before the threading operation and the final coupler installation. A 40 mm rebar cold forging cycle lasts less than 20 seconds.

Machinisme, Refouleuse

Machinisme, Fileteuse

Threading Machine

The threading machine is a machine designed to execute, in an easy and repetitive way, all LINXION/BARTEC Company threadings for all available splices of the static range. This is an automatic user friendly machine (single station module) which offers an ergonomic design taking into account production requirements in both cut and bend pre-fabrication workshops and construction sites.

Endmill for thread cutting

The endmill is the machine used to sharpen the chaser sets used on the threading machine, in order to obtain top quality threadings and to extend the life time of those chasers. This machine is simple and fast to use and also has an automatic spraying system of cutting coolant, to insure the tool’s long lasting realiability.

Machinisme, Affûteuse de peignes

Working table

The working table is designed to feed the rebar properly into equipment for the threading process. It provides a proper alignment to the machines. This is necessary to reach a performant and economical production. It has been designed to facilitate the handling of the bars. Moreover, we can adjust it on demand, depending on required length and on work orientation.