About us

BARTEC Company is a key manufacturer of engineered steel products such as Rebar Splicing systems, for building, civil and power industries.

Today, with over 30 years of history, BARTEC Company has become a worldwide leading specialist, in the design and the engineering of technical solutions for reinforced concrete, and in the delivery of technical products for major construction sites.

Our engineers travel all the way to construction sites to train local operators to international standards. We provide solutions to technical issues and we improve local production through proven quality process. Our know-how, our expertise in rebar splicing and our will to serve has made BARTEC Group a Quality reference for Compalab, the French, European wide, Interlaboratory Comparison (ILC). center.

It is essential for BARTEC Company to provide value to its business partners, by helping them to achieve their goals and to guarantee their success.

BARTEC Company was established in 1994 by French entrepreneurs, with the aim of developing and distributing THE original patent of the “BARTEC” cold forged and threaded splice. Thanks to this innovative process in the field of reinforced concrete constructions, it was possible to splice two rebars with a mechanical assembly delivering a performance superior to a continuous rebar (100% Bar-Break).

BARTEC Company has been continuing its technical development of even more efficient similar systems, responding to even greater constraints, in the field of Fatigue, earthquake and explosion resistance.

New products and technical solutions have been developed: Enhanced Grip couplers; High Strength Steel couplers (Re > to 700 MPa); Stainless steel splices; Connections with Adjustable Length (LER).

After the success of “BARTEC”, which is now worldwide recognized as the generic name for parallel threaded couplers, the Group has introduced a new international brand, named LINXION Rebar Splicing. This brand exploits a new patent of an even more efficient and performing splicing solution: LINXION Pi splice system. Only the Pi product, manufactured by BARTEC Company and distributed under the LINXION brand, can guarantee safer and higher performances.

Today, BARTEC Company is the leading specialist in the design and engineering of technical solutions for reinforced concrete.
BARTEC Company focuses on the delivery of reliable and high-quality products, and on simple, efficient and performing solutions related to the construction process in its whole.