LINXION Suzhou at the Nuclear Exhibition in China !


On October 19th 2019, the China International Nuclear Power Industry and Equipment Exhibition ended.
Now, a month later, we take this opportunity to share some of the feedback with you !


First participation and a big challenge


The exhibition gathered more than 15.000 people and 184 companies over 3 days! BARTEC Group subsidiary’s general manager TAO HAN explains:


The nuclear industry sets a high priority on quality and safety 
Our presence there was very important


Even though rebar splices have been used for over 10 years in China, a huge confusion prevails on splice quality requirements and some people still don’t know the value of these products. However, a specific Chinese standard for the nuclear industry has had to be in effect since January 1rst 2017, but it is rarely applied. LINXION Suzhou’s purpose is to do more work with designers, project owners, contractors and other participants informing them of :

    • - this standard
    • - the importance of respecting it
    • - how our products are a guarantee of meeting it

notably in the nuclear market while at the same time, employing directly Chinese companies.


Very positive feedbacks from visitors




  • M. Huang, Beijing Shihao Zhiyuan Science and Technology Company General Manager said: "I am very interested in LINXION products and I would like to be a distributor in the Beijing region. I believe LINXION couplers can bring a good profit in this project.
  • M. Zhao, Beijing Nuclear No.2 Design Institute Designer said: I was glad to know that LINXION products have finally come to China. I know their brand and the quality of their products. I think that this is a good thing for China’s coupler market because LINXION Suzhou will draw up the standards of other brands engaged in China and therefore, improve the coupler quality standard."

We are very optimistic about our presence in this market because we can see a gap between producers and users: this presents an opportunity to promote our brand. Our participation at the China international Nuclear Power Industry and Equipment Exhibition has been beneficial for our company, to mark a recent arrival in the Chinese market, an arrival long awaited and already highly appreciated.